Dropped Kerbs / Vehicle Access Process


What do you need to do FIRST if you want a dropped kerb or vehicle access to your property?


You should make an application to your local council who will usually carry out the work and charge you for the costs or may allow you to use a private contractor from an approved list of companies or require the contractor to meet strict legal requirements.


Jigsaw Block Paving one of a limited number of companies registered with local councils to deliver this service.


Your application will not be approved unless you can provide a suitable parking area within your property. There must be enough space around this area for pedestrian access. No part of a vehicle parked within your property may project onto or over the highway. If the width of your property is more than 8m these conditions may not apply.


You would need to make your application here for Peterborough City Council - for others please click here:

Highways Section
Bridge House, Town Bridge
Peterborough. PE1 1HB
Tel:(01733) 453585 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.