Wooden / Wrought Iron Fencing




The garden is where you spend most of your time building a connection with nature.


Having a garden fence helps you protect your garden and also lends it the right amount of privacy. When you need a new garden fence, you need to decide the style you require, the material for the fence and many such factors that go into the choosing the kind of fencing you require. From the simple to the decorative, there are various styles that are available both in wood and wrought iron.


Adding a fence to your garden will:

  • Give you the shade you need for vegetables.
  • Add decoration to your garden making it look prettier and more organised.
  • Add protection to your garden and adds some to your home.
  • Give you a nice spot in the gardento sit with the right amount of privacy.

Jigsaw Block Paving can build and erect fencing for any size garden which will compliment the look and feel of your home. To enhance this area we also supply the services for patios and driveways.


The duration of the work project is dependent on the size of the garden fence you require. Please contact us  for a no-obligation quote to get a guideline on how much it will cost and how long it will take.


Choice of Materials:

Wood panels / Wrought Iron


The Work Process:

Our process for erecting your garden fence is as follows:

  1. Posts erected and secured in the ground
  2. Panels added piece by piece giving a neat finish inside
  3. Finished fencing looks good for your neighbours too

1. fencing-poles 2. fencing-inside 3. fencing-neighbours


Our guarantees to you:

We guarantee that we will not leave your project incomplete and move onto a new job.

Our work is completed hassle-free.

We use our own lorries, diggers and equipment with no skips to upset the neighbours.

We ensure all roadways and walkways are kept clear with no obstruction to other users.

Throughout the project we promise to clean down pathways and roadways each evening.