Drop Kerbs


Drop kerbs and vehicle access  

A crossing across a public footpath or verge for your vehicle to gain access to your property from the highway is known as a 'dropped kerb', crossover or vehicle crossing.


It must be built to specific standards and approved by your council and in some cases planning permission is also required.


Your local council, acting as the Highway Authority, is responsible for maintaining footpaths. It is illegal to build a crossing over a public footpath without a certified crossing or dropped kerb. This is to ensure that the crossing is strong enough to take the weight of the vehicle and does not create a hazard for pedestrians and other footpath and road users. Your council has the power to close or remove a vehicle crossing or dropped kerb if it has been constructed without permission. For more details click here.

Jigsaw Block Paving
one of a limited number of companies registered with local councils to deliver this service.


The duration of the work project is dependent on the size of the path and dropped kerb required. Please contact us for a no-obligation quote to get a guideline on how much it will cost and how long it will take.


The Work Process:

Our process for creating a dropped kerb is as follows:

  1. Original pathway and curb is excavated
  2. Work is carried out with security and diversions for pedestrians
  3. Finished kerb looks good aheres to strict local authority guidelines

1. dropped kerb-excavated 2. dropped kerb-dug and secured 3. dropped kerb-finished


Our guarantees to you:

We guarantee that we will not leave your project incomplete and move onto a new job.

Our work is completed hassle-free.

We use our own lorries, diggers and equipment with no skips to upset the neighbours.

We ensure all roadways and walkways are kept clear with no obstruction to other users.

Throughout the project we promise to clean down pathways and roadways each evening.